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Brickell Family Law Attorney

Family law cases involving domestic issues can be stressful and complicated. The nature of these issues can be adversarial and emotionally charged. Professional legal advice on the details of your rights can become imperative to protect your rights.

Couples considering marriage should consider premarital or prenuptial agreements, particularly if they are blending families. Premarital agreements allow both parties to agree on division of property, debts, and payment of alimony and other issues in the event of a divorce. Individuals that were previously married with children may find that these agreements can be valuable assets in estate planning to allocate property to children of previous marriages.

The end of a marriage can be an emotional time. Circumstances that lead up to or may cause the end of a marriage can contribute to the difficulty, stressing the need for protection of your rights and legal representation. Division of marital property may become complicated and spousal support or alimony agreements may be issues addressed. Protect your rights and be aware of your options by contacting a Brickell family law attorney.

Considerations for children can be especially difficult when parents become divorced. Parents want what is best for their children but two different parents may have different ideas of what is best for their children. Child custody agreements may need to be reached. Reaching an agreement on financial support for children may also cause conflict. Agreement on those considerations may be difficult to reach. Legal representation to act on your behalf and protect your rights will be important.

Unmarried parents of children have special considerations. Mothers may enforce their rights and seek financial support from their children’s fathers. Paternity questions may arise and fathers may want to know their legal options to maintain their rights.

Brickell Family Law Attorney Overview


  • Pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, legal separations, as well as spousal support or alimony


  • Dissolution of marriage, equitable distribution of assets, spousal support or alimony, mediation, out of court settlements


  • Parental custody, guardianship litigation, paternity, time-sharing/parental plans, mediation, child support

Family Law Attorney Services

Please contact the law firm of Hutchison & Tubiana at 305.451.0013 for a confidential consultation of the circumstances of your case by a Brickell family law attorney. After an initial consultation, they can inform you of your legal options as well as your rights and responsibilities.