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Florida Keys DUI

Facing a crime as serious as a DUI is not only a frightening event, but often is a costly accusation to confront because of the lasting implications it can impose on lives.  Hutchison and Tubiana is dedicated to aggressively defending our clients who have been in DUI or DWI related incidents. In DUI cases, we provide clients with our expertise and knowledge and we ask our clients to provide us with the thorough information we need to defend you. Our counsel will guide clients through the legal system to protect your rights, advocate for our clients best interests in clearing their record and help them to move on from any accusation involving driving under the influence, drug possession, or underage drinking.

Every DUI related case is carefully studied and handled by Hutchison and Tubiana to assess where any error or false allegations may lie. All too often many DUI arrests are subject to faulty evidence and law enforcement error. Every claim is intensely reviewed to find such misconduct.  Medical conditions can mimic intoxication or prevent you from passing a field sobriety test. While commonly used, police roadblocks and DUI testing equipment used by law enforcement can also prove faulty. Regardless of the details of the incident, Hutchison and Tubiana are here to serve all the Florida Keys, and represent DUI and DWI claims in the region.

Florida Keys DUI

  • Quick Response: Time is always of the essence when handling a DUI and we promptly respond to your DUI claim to prevent further legal penalties and driving restrictions
  • Honest Counsel:  Our pledge to you as the client is to establish an open line of communication to answer all of your questions and help you understand our strategy 
  • Fair Analysis:  It is our promise to all client to aggressively investigate all the facts of your DUI case, including medical records and eye-witness reports, to ensure you a just ruling


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If you have recently been accused of Driving Under the Influence or have questions about your circumstances, please call the offices of Hutchison and Tubiana at 305.451.0013 today to schedule a FREE consultation, or click here to fill out our confidential contact form.