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Homestead Family Law Attorney Services

As family law attorneys, we provide family law services and representation to residents in Homestead, Florida.  We strive to help our clients comprehend the specifics of family law with reference to their case, and look for the ideal solutions that can protect their interests and legal needs.

Divorce, child custody, and child support are the most notable family law-related cases that attorneys in Florida deal with.  Child support refers to the continuing and episodic payment that the law requires a parent to pay his spouse who holds the primary custody of their child.  It principally serves as a financial benefit of a child subsequent to the end of his parents’ marriage or relationship.

More often than not, child support provides for the child’s primary needs such as food, shelter, and clothing, health and medical care, and educational expenses, amongst many others.  The law may require either the mother or the father to pay child support, irrespective of whether they are married or not.

Homestead Family Law Attorney

However, if there is a difference of opinion concerning the father of the child, the law requires all prospective subjects to take a paternity test.  Furthermore, the law does not necessitate the stepparents to pay child support unless they have legally adopted the children.  In the main, the court obligates each parent to accomplish a financial statement prior to a final decision concerning child support.

Both parents should specify their monthly income and expenditure in their financial statement, and the court will then use a standard formula and the parents’ financial parent in ascertaining the amount of child support.  In a number of cases, the child visitation arrangements influence the way on how the court calculates the child support amount that each parent needs to fulfill.

Homestead Family Law Attorney Services

If you or a loved one, be it a family member or a friend, requires the services of a Homestead family law attorney, then The Law Firm of Hutchison & Tubiana in the Brickell area of Miami, Coral Gables, and throughout South Florida can take care of your legal needs.  For more information about the firm or a free consultation concerning your legal options, contact the law office’s local number 305.451.0013, or complete and submit a confidential e-mail form to find out about your case.