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Key Largo Law Firm

The law offices of Hutchison and Tubiana serve Key Largo and all the Florida Keys with its professional, aggressive, and personal approach to handling all of our clients’ claims in a prompt manner.  Due to our diverse background in a variety of legal sectors, our team has the legal knowledge and proven expertise to handle whatever legal issue or accusations you many facing.  We are committed to all of our clients by establishing an open line of communication to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your case.  From the moment potential clients schedule their first consultation, we pay close attention to every detail of the legal issue to formulate a strategy that is assured success. 

In addition to building a confident, knowledgeable relationship with every client, our main focus lies within aggressively protecting our clients’ rights and future. Through our negotiation skills and seasoned trial methods, we have established a tested formula in defending clients facing criminal charges and other legal issues, such as divorce, personal injury and commercial and residential property disputes. Given our portfolio of expertise, we understand that while every case is unique, the law is often more complex. A simple mistake can cause a client’s rights to be quickly lost. Hutchison and Tubiana will be a strong advocate for our clients to prevent any lasting effects to their personal or professional reputation. 

Key Largo Law Firm

  • Open Communication: Our firm places value on always establishing an open line of communication to answer any issues, questions, or concerns clients may have about their case. 
  • Strong Representation: We approach every client’s case with a combination of legal expertise and diverse services to aggressive defend our clients’ rights and freedoms.
  • Established Reputation: With a proven track record in Key Largo and the Florida Keys, our firm continues to represent both residents and visitors with premiere legal services


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  • Key Largo Criminal Defense Law Firm 
  • Key Largo Personal Injury Law Firm 
  • Key Largo Foreclosure Defense Law Firm
  • Key Largo Debt Settlement Law Firm
  • Key Largo Family Law Firm
  • Key Largo Divorce Law Firm
  • Key Largo DUI Law Firm

 If you have recently been accused of a crime or have questions about your constitutional right when involved in a legal claim, please call the offices of Hutchison and Tubiana at 305.451.0013 today to schedule a FREE consultation, or click here to fill out our confidential contact form.