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Key West DUI

In Key West, being accused of a DUI related charge is as common as it frightening.  Besides the immediate monetary implications many face, there can often be overwhelming consequences concerning issues with places of employment, the ability to maintain a driver’s license and costly hikes in insurance premiums.  Many times those accused of Driving Under the Influence fail to realize their full legal rights during and end up giving in to unnecessary pressures and faulty law enforcement practices.  Whether the issue lies within an inexplicable number of errors in official police conduct or reports, medical incidents, or a host of other conflicting variables, DUI is commonly misdiagnosed.  Our firm has the experience and knowledge to look for all of these factors in all claims that are brought to us, but with a crime such as DUI, time is always of the essence.

Our law firm possesses the legal tenacity to help clients overcome a charge as serious as DUI.  Whether the legal issue is DUI, DWI, Drug Possession, or Underage Drinking, our firm has the resources and knowledge to serve all of our clients’ questions and concerns.  We assess every aspect of the case, from the cause of the traffic stop, conduct by law enforcement and all medical variables involved, to successfully map out an effective trial strategy for your case.   DUI is a serious offense and can have serious implications if you do not act quickly.  Hutchison and Tubiana is our clients’ strongest ally in DUI issues.

Key West DUI

  • Quick Assistance:  Our firm understands preventing damage to your integrity with accusations such as DUI, and we’ll act quickly to pursue results.
  • Seasoned Expertise: Our history of success in dealing with DUI related arrests, we’ll look at all the facts surrounding the case to build an effective defense again your claim.
  • Proactive Representation:  We pledge nothing but a sense of assertiveness and to build our clients claims as quickly as possible to prevent the loss of any rights a DUI can often impose.


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 If you have recently been accused of Driving Under the Influence or have questions about your circumstances, please call the offices of Hutchison and Tubiana at 305.451.0013 today to schedule a FREE consultation, or click here to fill out our confidential contact form.