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Key West Lawyer

Clients know it is not just the wide range of legal services we provide, but in how we approach every case as an individual, unique set of circumstances. Because of our diverse background in multiple sectors of law, we are able to anticipate needs and help make concise, informed decisions based on every client’s unique needs. Our goal is to be a trustworthy guide to every client, ensuring them respect from all parties involved and building confidence in our legal strategy. Hutchison and Tubiana have built a reputation for achieving results for our clients on a wide range of legal matters. While providing legal services is our focus, it is how we deliver an individual, aggressive action to all of our clients’ cases that sets us apart. Our goal is to provide clients with more than what they have come to expect from a law firm. 

Hutchison and Tubiana are aware of the everlasting impact criminal charges have on our clients’ lives. Complicated legal disputes with family members, employees and close acquaintances can be complex matters, especially when the matter goes to trial. From the first consultation, we are here as an open line of communication to answer questions clients may have about their rights and freedoms. We pledge to advocate for our clients aggressively in their legal issues. Our past achievements and legal victories in the Key West’s court system have set a foundation for Hutchison and Tubiana to serve as a trustworthy team to represent all of our clients’ legal and personal needs.

Key West Lawyer

  • Dependable Counsel:  From first consultation, we are here to answer all questions and concerns regarding the status and strategy of our clients’ legal issues.   
  • Aggressive Representation: It is our pledge to handle our clients’legal matters in an efficient and meticulous manner.
  • Proven Expertise:  Our team has a history rooted in results that have served the legal needs of both Key West residents and visitors, and strives to continue that reputation.


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  • Key West Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Key West Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Key West Foreclosure Defense Lawyer
  • Key West Debt Negotiation Lawyer
  • Key West DUI Lawyer
  • Key West Divorce Lawyer
  • Key West Family Law Lawyer


If you have recently been accused of a crime or have questions about your constitutional right when involved in a legal claim, please call the offices of Hutchison and Tubiana at 305.451.0013 today to schedule a FREE consultation, or click here to fill out our confidential contact form.