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Marathon Family Law Attorney Services

As Marathon family law attorneys, we provide family law services and representation to residents in Marathon, Florida.  Primarily, family law refers to a branch of civil law that a family attorney or lawyer deals with, and involves cases that concern the legal relationship between two family members.

Principally, family law attorneys dedicate themselves to family-related issues and domestic relations that include adoption, annulment, child abduction, child custody, child support, divorce, domestic violence, juvenile dependency and delinquency, marital property rights, parental responsibility, and support obligations, amongst many others.

Since the state law controls and manages familial relationships, what comprises a family law may differ from one state to another.  Furthermore, the particulars of a family law primarily depend on one’s state of affairs, but it mainly intends to defend and look after an individual’s rights within the context of familial laws.

For example, a family law attorney addresses a divorce-related case through determining how couples plan to divide their properties, and who will disburse the spousal support once the couple has separated.

Marathon Family Law Attorney

If you live in Marathon, Florida, you will find numerous family law firms that can assist you with your case.  A Marathon family law attorney also specializes in legal issues that concern non-married couple, same-sex couples, and any other form of relationship in which the couple has established a legal relationship.

Domestic violence is one of the primary aspects of family law, principally for the reason that it commonly brings about grave effects on a victim’s life.  In addition, it can consequently result in a new family-related case like annulment, child custody, or marital property rights. Nevertheless, since domestic violence principally contains vicious behavior, the law can consider it as a criminal offence, and could be subject to criminal law as well. 

Marathon Family Law Attorney Services

If you or a loved one, be it a family member or a friend, requires the services of a Marathon family law attorney, then The Law Firm of Hutchison & Tubiana found all over South Florida and specifically in the Brickell area of Miami, Coral Gables, can take care of your legal needs.  For more information about the firm or a free consultation concerning your legal options, contact the law office’s local number 305.451.0013, or complete and submit a confidential e-mail form to find out about your case.