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Debt Negotiation Settlement

Hutchison & Tubiana, P.L.L.C. can stop the harassing phone calls at home and at work to deal with the credit card companies on your behalf. We have extensive experience not only litigating against credit card companies for violations under both state and federal laws against consumers, but also effectively negotiate the settlement of existing debt for a fraction of the balance. Our clients have paid as low as 10%-20% of their existing debt.


We offer a better option than the debt settlement, consolidation, reduction and credit repair companies and agencies. We are a law firm which uses state and federal law to protect the credit card consumer. Negotiating skills and knowledge are a must for debt settlement. Every creditor and collection agency has its own procedures and policies, regarding how they handle settlements. You must know each of these companies’ procedures to be successful at settling. Another benefit to hiring our law firm is that we act as an intermediary between you and the collectors. The benefit of having a respected and reputable company greatly helps the communication with the collectors and the success of achieving very favorable settlements.

For more information regarding, please visit the following website: The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Please call Hutchison & Tubiana, P.L.L.C. at 305.451.0013 for a free confidential consultation. We will review your situation and provide you information on your legal rights, options and responsibilities.